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              Products Display

              High quality products is the soul of enterprise development, and constantly innovate in order to better service for customers

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              Support Services

              Pioneer international cutting-edge core technology and ozone accessories do support, products related to many fields of application

              Core Technology

              Ozone Control System、Ozone Discharge Room、Power Supply、Ozone Discharge Tube、High-Voltage Fuse

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              Corollary Equipment

              PSA Oxygen Generator、PSA Dryer、Ozone Decomposition Catalysts、Ozone Diffuser、Injector、Gas-Liquid Mixing Pump、Automatic Vent Valve

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              Ozone Accessories

              Ozone Discharge Room、Ozone Power Supply

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              App Center

              Deep Treatment of Drinking Water、Denitration, Deodorant、Municipal Waste Water、Industry Waste Water Treatment、Chemical Synthesis

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              • Core TechnologyTop technical team
                Multiple product patents

              • Product Qualityhigh standard, German import parts

              • ExperienceExperience
                Service hundreds of customers

              • Service24 hour online service,Installation Engineer

              Known Customers

              The world's top 500 choices, so that outstanding enterprises more excellent

              About Us

              Create an environment, create value
              As a manufacure of Ozone genetator, Pioneer designs and manufactures Ozone generators and relative equipments. Offering Ozone generators and UV in wide-range fields especially in water-treatment.
              Pioneer master international advanced ozone generator manufacturing technology and the products are structural appearance, stable performance, simple operation, easy maintenance.
              In different fields, Pioneer design suitable ozone generator system according to customers’ actual situation.
              Pioneer also produce UV sterilizer system.

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