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              Company Profile

              關于我們 Qingdao Pioneer Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd is established in 2009, and is a well-known professional Ozone Generator System manufacturer in China. We mainly offer ozone generators (air source and oxygen source) and UV sterilizer system in wide range applications especially in water-treatment. With R&D centers and international advanced ozone generator manufacturing technology, PIONEER products have exquisite structure, stable performance, simple operation and convenient maintenance. In different fields, Pioneer designs and offers complete ozone generator system solutions according to customers’ actual situation and requirements. Pioneer products have exported to more than 20 countries around the world and got recognition from customers.
              Pioneer will as always work hard to supply premium products and devote to environmental protection industry.


              Business Culture


              God help those who help themselves !

              Hard working to do reserach work,

              Hard working to communicate with customers,

              Hard working to imporve equipment according to customers' requirement

              Hard working to do service after sale.

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